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Muse on Flickr.
taken by me! c:
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Incense woo hoo!
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Crank; intro. on Flickr.

My picture of the intro to one of my favorite books of all time; Crank.
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National Suicide Prevention Week- You are not alone.
If you’ve followed me for a while, then you know I’m pretty messed up. I’ve been contemplating suicide for who knows how long, suffer from several disorders, deal with family shit on a daily basis, and self harm.
But you know what has kept me alive? The fact that I deserve better than this and I refuse to let my depression get the best of me. You can’t let this harsh world get the best of you too. You’re not alone, even if you feel like it. You have to hold on because just imagine that person, situation, anything that makes you want to finally stay on this planet… just imagine that feeling. I guarantee you, you’ll get it. Just do whatever it takes to stay strong and be positive. Come talk to me any time you wait, I’m here for you. Mwah <3
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The Lake-To, Edgar Allan Poe
Quality insomnia reading c:
Ugh seriously 20mg of melatonin and 200 of zoloft and I’m not a bit sleepy.
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Butterfly Hunting on Flickr.
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A Peacock’s Cape on Flickr.
also my photography! 
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Montauk Light House on Flickr.
my photography c:
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A Field of Flowers in the Middle of Chicago on Flickr.
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hehe, my photography, reblog if you love me? :)
Tiny Purple Pretties on Flickr.
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